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May 18, 2009


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I'm dying to hear about the 2.5 month regression. Dying!!!

My son also napped for over a year in his car seat (capsule), and would not have a bar or his cot (crib) until at around 13 months (only napping mind you. He slept well at night in it though). And he slept for hours in it. I often heard him rocking in it around 40 minutes into his sleep and he would get himself off to sleep again for anohter couple of hours. The times I tried him back in his cot, he'd sleep for 40 minutes and then it was all over. I figured I wasn't going to insist for obvious reasons.

BTW, I second what Isabel said about the 7 month mark.. That's when we sleep trained my daughter and she mowed thru the next few regressions like a trune champ.

Not to hijack the post or anything but I'm needing to move my daughter (2.3) from her crib, where she sleeps and naps really well, to a toddler bed as I have a 3.5 month old boy that I'd like to move to the crib. My plan is to set up the toddler bed near the crib and let my daughter get used to it before we move her to it. I guess my concern is that it will take a while for her to want to sleep in it and then we'll be in a 2.5 year sleep regression, ugh. I'm not ready for her to have a sleep regression soon, I'm really not. Should I just wait til she's 3 and over the regression before moving her to the toddler bed or do it before the 2.5 regression hits?? Any thoughts would be helpful...

Fantastic. I'm definitely seeing that so far, Margot has been great with the playpen move. Some crying initially, but it's shorter each night. She's sick, though, so in the middle of the night I do get up and nurse her. The hard part is that she's in our room, but I'm willing to deal until Drew is really ready to move out.

My daughter had to move out of her crib at 2.7 years, to prepare for the arrival of her baby brother at 2.9 years. I figured that it would be much easier to put her into a big kid bed a couple of months before the baby was going to take over. Still, even without an immediate occupant, i had to be sensitive to the issue of her losing her safe haven. What really helped was taking her to IKEA and letting her choose her very own big girl bed sheets etc. She was so psyched about her new bed (purple sheets! hearts!) that she never once looked back. Maybe it'll help Drew to celebrate his big boy-ness by accessorizing his special new bed?

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